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Date: September 2, 2003


When One Email Makes a Difference
Alaska Gardener Featured in National Lifestyle Magazine

Kodiak, Alaska gardener and writer Marion Owen is featured in September's Delicious Living magazine, a publication that's distributed in 1,800 health food stores nationwide. The article appears on page 20 in the magazine's monthly feature, "Why I Do What I Do" which provides an overview of an individual's lifestyle, be it hiking, diet, eco-travel or business.

In Owen's case, she was interviewed several times last spring. "Christy Wohlford, the writer, asked me about lots of things--photography, teaching, my philosophy on life, gardening and what it's like to live in Alaska," recalls Owen. "The finished article focuses pretty much on how organic gardening has played such an important role in my life."

With a monthly circulation of 425,000 and a readership of over one million, Delicious Living represents a great exposure. And Owen almost missed the opportunity.

"In April, I received an e-mail message requesting an interview," says Owen, whose photographs, articles and interview have appeared in TIME, Organic Gardening and Vegetarian Times. "I almost deleted it, thinking it was just junk mail. I'm glad I followed up."

Jeff Cowells, a spokesman for Delicious Living, says the annual September issue is his personal favorite. "The magazine has been around for almost 20 years as a natural lifestyle publication. In each issue we touch on diet, fitness, food, healthy topics and recipes. But in this month's issue, we include a lot of great recipes and a section on men's health."
How did the editors find Marion Owen all the way in Kodiak, Alaska?

The publication, based in Colorado, found the garden writer through her web site, which has been online since 1996. "Ancient history," says Owen, the site's webmother.

"Web sites are important these days," says Owen, whose site is bolstered by "content" such as gardening articles, photography tips, recipes and "life in Alaska" sketches, "but they're not the Holy Grail of marketing.

"When trying to make a presence in a very competitive market, you need to hit all fronts: Mailings, a dynamic web site, bricks and mortar, networking, personal contacts and so on," she adds. Owen, who conducts business seminars through the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce, will be teaching a How to Get Publicity for Your Organization workshop next month at the Master Gardener Advanced Training Conference in Port Townsend, Wash.

Candy Falatko, co-owner of a local health food store, Cactus Flats Natural Foods, says the magazine is a popular feature in her store and in many stores around the U.S. "I haven't been in a health food store where they didn't have Delicious Living, And the photo of Marion in her garden is great because it shows how beautiful Kodiak Island is, and that you can really grow things here."

"My hope is that after someone reads the article," says Owen, "They're encouraged to try their hand at organic gardening or take on other goals they've always dreamed of doing."

The entire Delicious Living article is posted online at:

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